Once upon a time, Phanes was a bright world. A green world. An alive world. It stretched far and wide, like a never-ending story book providing new miracles with every flip of a page. The forests were verdant, light seeping through the leaf canopy falling on majestic three-horned elks stalking across the fallen branches, saplings parting gently to make way for them. The oceans brimmed with creatures, their shapes and appearances shifting from fascinating through bizarre to downright eldritch the deeper you went beneath the waves. In cities, big, small and sometimes absolutely giant, lived Lifeforms. $MAGIC, abundant all across Phanes, provided them with endless possibilities to innovate. It fueled them and their creations, allowing LIFE not just to flourish, but to also rebuild the world around them into any shape they desired. It was an utopia, or as close to one as a place get be without coming out on the other side. Days were spent in a careless cheer of self-expression, everyone free to do whatever they wished without having to worry about material needs. It was perfect. So, obviously, it could not last.

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