A period of peace and prosperity passed on the world of Phanes, the golden era as it were but alas it was not made to last. The same thing that made Phanes such a rich and prosperous world, created an equal pull of destruction. The Treasure-Verse is made of many worlds but a few things bind them all, one of them being $MAGIC! When $MAGIC is at its full strength and flowing through these worlds freely, all is good. But cosmic forces pull at the Treasure-Verse and dictate the strength of the $MAGIC that flows through these worlds. There are seasons in which the strength of the $MAGIC that feeds these worlds is seemingly infinite, like in the springtime. Then there are other seasons where the $MAGIC is weak and the same tasks that only took a fraction before require 10 fold during the winter. After enjoying the prosperity and endless power of $MAGIC during the Spring, Winter was on its way and the masters of $MAGIC prepared their Legions to extract everything they could from other worlds to survive the cold. Unmatched both in strength and cruelty, the Genesis Legions are a force of pure hunger. Not satisfied with absolute dominion over their home plane of Bridgeworld, they have embarked on an ever-onward, ever-forward campaign of conquest. Their faceless armies, covered from head to toe in armour, came onto Phanes like angry locusts, laying waste to all LIFE and sinking their sharp teeth into the world itself. Unable to withstand the invasion, Phanes started to break apart at the seams. Dimensional cracks spread across the sky and land, $MAGIC flowing through them freely out and away, first in a slow drip and later, as the cracked spiderweb spread further, in a flood. Not ones to give up easily, Lifeforms gave their best trying to defend themselves. They fought bravely, but the odds were never in their favor. For each of the attackers they managed to b

ring down, tens of them had to die first. And the enemy’s name wasn’t Legion for nothing. One by one, Lifeforms fell, broken bodies falling onto the broken world with no one to bury or mourn either.

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