Skyscraper (In Development)

Project Overview

Set in a Persistent World in 1980’s Manhattan, Skyscraper - Empires Rise is a Web3 Strategic MMORPG, where your characters will buy, win, build and compete for territory, power, and governance.

Compete against thousands of Wall St. Wolves, Mafia Cats, Business Bois and Mob Rats as they Raid, Conquer and Defend their $TURF. Join one of the Four Factions, $STEAK your claim to a piece of Land and start developing. Optimize your Buildings to generate the Resources you need fueling your Deck. Find a juicy target, Raid their Building for Resources, $TURF, Sway and to climb the Leaderboard.

The game provides different types of gameplay all threaded with the cultural flavor of the era. This includes solo missions, dynamically triggered time-limited quests, weekly quests providing rich lore and storylines, as well as internal and external DeFi, social-coordination scavenger hunts and scheming in your Faction Headquarters.

Skyscraper - Empires Rise combines multiple subgenres in the greater Strategy genre

Integration of the Imbued Souls NFTs

LifeVerse is a principal partner of Skyscraper - Empires Rise, with several major integrations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Unique Soul Cat Character for all holders of an Imbued Soul

  • Unique item art for the Forge

  • A Sub-Headquarters in the SoHo District available only to Soul Cats

  • A unique Resource Card Pack, including a Legendary Card only for Soul Cats

You can check out the full integration proposal here:

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