The Lannister's Handbook

All you need to know on handling your Gladiator squad

Registration & Staking

Once registration for the season begins, follow the below steps:

  • Select the Souls you want to stake & register for the season. You can only have 5 per wallet.

  • Once you have chose your Imbued Souls click stake selected.

  • Read the warning associated with staking then press continue.

  • You will then be prompted with a transaction to stake your Imbued Souls. Sign the Transaction through your Metamask to stake.

  • Your Imbued Souls should now appear in the Staked section.

  • Select your Staked Imbued Souls & then press Sign & Register.

  • Confirm the registration by signing your Metamask.

You are now Staked and Registered for the upcoming Season!

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We will also be giving each player that has shared an extra 20 gold to start as a token of appreciation!

Unstaking, Changing or Adding Imbued Souls Pre-Season

  • During the registration period you will be able to Unstake , change or add more Imbued Souls for the upcoming season.

  • To do this press change Gladiators.

  • You will then see 2 options, Unstaked or Staked.

  • To Unstake your Imbued Souls make sure the Staked section is highlighted.

  • Then select the Imbued Souls you would like to Unstake and press Unstake Selected.

  • If you do not have a full squad you can add Imbued Souls until the cap of 5 is reached.

  • Unstaked Imbued Souls will show up in the Unstaked section.

  • Follow the Staking process for your Unstaked Imbued Souls.

  • Once your new Imbued Souls are Staked you will need to Re-register your entire team by following the Sign and Register Process.

  • To confirm that all of your Imbued Souls have been registered, make sure that they all have check mark next to them, If you see a question mark or Padlock, it means they are not yet registered.

Skill Reset Potion sacrifice for an Elixir Potion

  • Every player will be able to sacrifice a Skill Reset Potion for an Elixir potion.

  • An Elixir potion is a one time use item that allows you to revive a Gladiator, raising them from the dead with 3 HP.

  • You can only Sacrifice 1 Skill Reset Potion per wallet.

  • To Sacrifice your SRP for an Elixir, After you have registered your gladiators, Select the Exchange icon.

  • You will then be able to Transfer your Skill Reset Potion

  • Once you confirm the transaction on your Metamask you will have transferred your Skill Reset Potion into the team wallet and locked in your Elixir Potion for the season.

Sacrificing a Skill Reset Potion is an irreversible transaction (Previous seasons, you only needed to hold an SRP to receive an Elixir, Now you need to sacrifice it to receive it)


When the season begins, players can access the game through

To Login, players have to press on the "Enter" button as shown below.

Squad Building

Before players can start training their gladiators or sending them into the arena, they will first have to build up their squad. Players will only be able to build their squad during their first login, so decide wisely.

Naming Your Gladiator

  1. Players will be able to name their gladiators at the start of each Season. Players can either use the randomly generated name or type in their preferred names for their gladiators, these names will be used by the gladiators for the remainder of the season and can't be altered afterwards.

  1. Once completed, press on the "Next" button at the bottom right to proceed.

Fated Traits

  1. Players will be able to choose the fated traits of their Gladiators. The details of each Fate will be on the right side of the screen as shown below. Players will do well to choose wisely as each Fate comes with advantages as well as disadvantages that could shape their gladiators destiny.

  2. Once all gladiators have been given a trait, players can start the Season by pressing on the "Start Button" option at the bottom of the screen.


The main menu where you will be able to access all other features of the game. Simply click on any of the buttons on the map or menu overlay to access that feature.


This is where you can send your gladiators to train.

  1. Click on the "Train" button to send the respective Gladiator to Train.

  2. A pop up message will then update you on the results of the training.

  3. To send all available Gladiators to train, simply click the "Train All" button below.

  4. The Status columns shows whether a Gladiator is on cooldown.

Note that Gladiators can only train when they are outside of the Arena.


This is where you can send your gladiators on Missions.

  1. Click on the "Embark" button of the respective difficulty levels. Use "Highest Possible" if you want to send Gladiators on the highest possible Mission they are qualified for.

  1. Choose the Gladiators you want to send on the Mission. Press the "Select All" button to select all Gladiators.

  1. Press "send" to send the selected Gladiator on the chosen Mission.

  2. A pop up message regarding the mission details will then update you on the results of the missions.

Note that Gladiators can only go on missions when they are outside of the Arena. Failing a mission will also result in a loss of 1 HP to the Gladiator.


This is where you will be able to check on your Gladiators' battle rating, HP, select Auto-leave arena settings & Track your trait and Auto leave progress.

  • The portrait of the Gladiator will tell you its class. The icons on the portraits refers to the traits of each Gladiator.

  • Gladiator Column shows the name of the Gladiator.

  • HP will show the Health Points of each Gladiator.

  • Wins shows the number of wins each Gladiator has.

  • WR% shows the winrate of the Gladiator.

  • Click on the "Record" button of each respective Gladiator to view it's battle history.

Hover over the B.R number to see the breakdown.

Note that the B.R. shown is the Total B.R of the Gladiator, which takes into account its Traits and Battle Gear.

Arena Settings

This is where you choose the settings that will determine when your gladiator leaves the arena.

After you have selected the parameters that determine when your gladiator will leave the arena, go ahead and press save.


  1. B.R Lost- The shrine can reduce the B.R of your gladiator, this setting allows you to set a max amount B.R your comfortable for your gladiator to lose before leaving the arena.

  2. Losses- This allows you to set the amount of losses an individual gladiator can have before leaving the arena.

  3. Minimum HP- This allows you to set a minimum amount of HP your gladiator can get to before leaving the arena.

  4. Battle Addict- by selecting Battle Addict your gladiator will leave the arena once they learn the Battle Addict Trait

  5. Sore Loser- by selecting Sore Loser your gladiator will leave the arena once they learn the Sore Loser Trait

  6. Broken Gear- by selecting Broken Gear your gladiator will leave the arena once their Gear Breaks

Gladiator Tracker

This is where you track your gladiator's progress towards learning traits, their gear's durability, Amulets countdown & Arena settings progress.


This is where you will be able to view your inventory and also manage your gears and resources. To equip a gear or use a consumable on one of your gladiators, refer to the below steps:

  1. Select the Gear or Item you wish to equip or use from your inventory.

  1. Choose the Gladiator to equip the gear or use the item on. For certain items, players will be able to select the quantity of the item to be used as well.

  1. Press the "Equip Item" button once you have confirmed your selections.


Some of the coolest things are hidden in the Colosseum town. To visit the Colosseum town, simply select Town from the map.


This is where you can purchase all the essentials to prep your Gladiators for battle! To purchase an item:

  1. Select the quantity of the item you want to purchase.

  2. Check that you have enough gold. You can check your gold on the top righthand corner beside the notification button.

  3. Click on the "Buy Now" button to complete your purchase.

To equip gears or use consumables, visit the Armory page.


You can test your luck at the Gacha as well. To do so, simply visit the Gacha page and then click on the "Roll" button.

The Gacha costs 20 gold to roll once and you can only roll once a day.


You can weaken opposing gladiators (as well as yours if they are in the Arena) when you pray at the shrine! To do so, simply visit the Shrine page and click on the "Pray" button.

Each prayer costs 100 gold.


The Arena page is where you can manage your Gladiators actively to make sure they emerge victorious in their battles.

Inactive Gladiators

When you first enter the Arena, all your Gladiators will be inactive. They will not be able to battle other gladiators nor be challenged by other gladiators while inactive.

Entering the Arena

  1. Click the "Enter" button to send the corresponding Gladiator into the Arena.

  2. To send all your inactive Gladiators into the Arena, click on the "Enter All" button.

You can check on the number of Gladiators currently in the Arena by clicking the eye icon at the top right of the Arena.

Active Gladiators

Once your Gladiators have been sent into the Arena, you can send them to battle (once a day). They will also be able to be challenged by other gladiators while active in the Arena.


To send your Gladiator to battle an opposing Gladiator in the Arena, click on the "Battle" button.

Exit The Arena

  1. To exit a Gladiator from the Arena, use the "Exit" button.

  2. You can also use the "Exit All" button to remove all active gladiators from the Arena.


If you want to leave your Gladiator in the Arena but ensure it keeps X amount of HP still, you can choose a stop limit where the Gladiator will be automatically pulled out of the Arena when it's HP hits the chosen limit. You can access this feature through the setting button at the top right corner of the Gladiator's frame.

Note that as long as your Gladiators are active, they can be challenged by other Gladiators.


Players can access the Leaderboard through the main menu overlay under the "more" option. This is where you can track the current leaders of the Colosseum through the Leaderboard.

  • Rank column shows your Gladiator's current ranking.

  • Manager column will how the "Treasure Tag" or shortened address of the player.

  • Gladiator column will shows the name of the Gladiator.

  • HP Column will show the remaining HP of the Gladiator.

  • Wins Column will show the number of wins the Gladiator has.

  • WR% Column shows the win rate of the Gladiator.

  • $MAGIC Column shows the amount of $MAGIC the Gladiator will earn if he finishes the current season at this rank.

DISCLAIMER: The images used in these guide might slightly differ from actual gameplay look.

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