Colosseum Of Phanes

The Colosseum of Phanes is a seasonal game, When the registration period is live, you can stake your Imbued Soul and register here


The Colosseum Of Phanes is a site like no other. The Colosseum, where Glory, Death, Joy and Sadness all meet. Every month, thousands of Gladiators register at the Colosseum for their one chance at riches, glory and bragging rights. However, for every one victor that emerges from the Colosseum, another is laid to rest, accompanied only by cold steel.

Gladiators of Phanes, will you join the Colosseum? Will your training show its fruits? Will your experience from your adventures help? Most importantly, will Lady Luck shine on you on the day of Battle.

Prove your strength in the Colosseum and you might just stand a chance to win $MAGIC, NFTs and other rewards. Become the strongest and you will enjoy the riches befitting the mightiest of all Gladiators. Godspeed dear Gladiators and may the light of Phanes bless you on your path to greatness.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

The Colosseum of Phanes (COP) is a seasonal auto-battler, management simulator game where players manage a team of gladiators with the aim of ruling over the Colosseum. Winning battles in the Colosseum will result in Gladiators climbing the leaderboards and rewards will be distributed among the top Gladiators at the end of every season.

Aside from PVP battles, Gladiators can also be trained or sent on quests to become stronger before they battle in the Arena. Luck, strategy and planning will be essential for a Gladiator to become the mightiest Warrior the Colosseum has even seen.


Imbued Soul holders will be able to redeem a gladiator at the start of every Season. Players will be able to redeem Gladiators based on the classes of the Imbued Souls they hold. Refer below for the advantages of rarer classes.

  • Asura & Slayer - 12 HP | 2.0 B.R

  • Paladin & Summoner - 11 HP | 1.7 B.R

  • Sharpshooter & Priest - 10 HP | 1.4 B.R

  • Warrior & Mage - 9 HP | 1.0 B.R

Players with multiple Imbued Souls will be able to redeem multiple Gladiators up to a maximum of 5 per wallet.

Registration, Fee & Staking

In order to participate in a season, a player will need to stake their Imbued Soul during the registration period. Your Imbued Soul will remain staked for the entire Season regardless off when you die, at the end of the season you will be able to unstake your Imbued Soul. An Elixir potion can be redeemed during the registration period by sacrificing a Skill Reset Potion. Only one Skill reset potion can be sacrificed per wallet During the Registration process. A Registration Fee of 15 Magic Per Imbued Soul is needed in order to register your Souls.

After the registration period finishes, the players Imbued Soul will remain staked until the END OF THE SEASON. Whilst your Imbued Soul is staked, it will be untransferable. Skill Reset Potions that are sacrificed during the registration period are sent to a team wallet.


Training is the easiest way for Gladiators to increase their BR without any risk. Players will be able to send their Gladiators to train every 24 hours to earn 0.4 BR.

Consistency is key and the Gladiators who are able to train consistently will end up with higher BR compared to their lazier peers.


Refer to the below table for information on Missions.

Mission Difficulty

Unlock & Requirements

% Chance Of Failure

Failure Rewards

Success Rewards


Day 1 | 0 B.R


0.1 B.R

0.3 B.R | 10 ~ 30 Gold


Day 6 | 4 B.R


0.2 B.R

0.8 B.R | 50 ~ 80 Gold


Day 11 | 8 B.R


0.4 B.R

1.8 B.R | 150 ~ 200 Gold

Failing a mission will cause your Gladiator to lose 1 HP. Each Gladiator can only go on a mission once a day (resets at 11:59 UTC).


Players will have to battle against other players within the Arena to climb the Colosseum of Phanes Leaderboard by racking up wins. Losing in Battles however will result in the Gladiators losing 1 HP.

To Battle, Gladiators will have to enter the Arena. Whilst the Gladiator is in the Arena, they will also be able to be challenged by other Gladiators.

Gladiators that lose all their HP will be automatically kicked out of the Arena and also unable to continue playing the game unless they get more HP.

Losing Gladiators will however receive 10 gold and 0.1 B.R.

A gladiator can only challenge people in the Arena once a day. Once you have battled your Gladiator will enter a cooldown mode which resets every day at 11:59pm UTC


Players can challenge other gladiators to a duel and wager both B.R and Gold in a winner-takes-all Battle.

  • The maximum amount of B.R you can wager in a single duel is 0.4 and a max of 50 Gold.

  • A duel will count towards both participants daily battle. Duel wins will also count as wins on the seasons Leaderboard & losses will cost a life.

  • In order to challenge another Gladiator to a duel you or your opponent must not be on cooldown and be within 10% B.R of each other.

  • You can not duel the same Gladiator for 7 days after your duel has been complete.

  • A Duel challenge must be accepted within 10 minutes of it being issued. If a duel is not accepted within 10 minutes it is automatically rejected.

Losing Gladiators will not receive the standard 10 gold and 0.1 B.R whenever they lose a duel.


Gears are equipment that Gladiators are able to equip to increase their BR. Giving them an edge over opposing Gladiators in the Arena. There will be 4 Tiers of Gears in the Arena. Gears will come with a Durability that determines how long the Gear will last. Refer to below for the list of Gears available in Season 4:






6 Battles

+1 B.R

100 Gold


6 Battles

+2 B.R

300 Gold


6 Battles

+4 B.R

650 Gold


6 Battles

+8 B.R

1400 Gold

Equipping a Gear on a Gladiator will bind it to the specific Gladiator. Once equipped, Gears cannot be removed. Equipping another Gear over the Gladiator will also result in the previous gear being destroyed.


The Gacha is a gamble where you get to spend gold for a chance to win higher value prizes, Gacha Cooldown resets 11:59pm UTC. However, players will be required to spend 20 Gold per Gacha. Gacha Odds are as follow:

  • 25% - No Rewards

  • 17.5% - 10 Gold

  • 15% - 20 Gold

  • 10% - 50 Gold

  • 10% - CD Reduction Potions

  • 7.5% - 75 Gold

  • 5% - 100 Gold

  • 4% - 150 Gold

  • 3% - 1x Tier B Gear

  • 2% - 400 Gold

  • 0.75% - 1x Tier A Gear

  • 0.25% - Elixir


The Colosseum Shop is where Gladiators can buy Gears and other useful items that will help them in their battles. The Colosseum Shop uses gold as its currency.

Gold will be tied to Accounts and not Gladiators. However, each Account can only register a maximum of 5 Gladiators.

As of Season 4, players will be able to purchase the following items from the Shop:

  • Gear






6 Battles

+1 B.R

100 Gold


6 Battles

+2 B.R

300 Gold


6 Battles

+4 B.R

650 Gold


6 Battles

+8 B.R

1400 Gold

  • CD Reduction Potions (Removes the Arena Cool down for one of your Gladiators so that they can challenge more gladiators in the arena)

    • Battle - 100 Gold

  • Stats Booster Pill - + 0.1 B.R per use

    • 40 Gold

  • Elixir (+3 HP) - Can be used if Gladiator has no more HP

    • 1000 Gold

    • Can be redeemed during the registration period by sacrificing a Skill Reset Potion| Only one per wallet

  • Amulet Series






The Devil’s Protection

Crafted from obsidian and etched with runic symbols, this amulet houses a sinister spirit that shields the wearer from the divine influence of the Shrine. Its power lasts 48 hours, protecting your Gladiator from blessings or curses alike. But beware, changing amulets will destroy it.

Lasts for 48 hours once equipped by a Gladiator.

Immune to effects of the Shrine for the next 48 hours.

150 Gold

A Priest’s Blessing

Imbued with the divine protection of a holy priest, this amulet defends your Gladiator from harm in easy missions for 24 hours or a single mission. It's a merciful safeguard when the gods of fate turn their backs.

Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

Will not lose HP when failing an easy mission. Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

60 Gold

A Saint’s Blessing

Infused with the essence of a sacred saint, this amulet bolsters your Gladiator's resilience in medium missions for 24 hours or a single mission. It's a beacon of hope when the path gets rough.

Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

Will not lose HP when failing a medium mission. Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

160 Gold

A God’s Blessing

Filled with the heavenly power of a deity, this amulet safeguards your Gladiator from injury in hard missions for 24 hours or a single mission. It's a fortress of faith when facing the harshest of trials.

Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

Will not lose HP when failing a hard mission. Lasts for 24 hours once equipped by a gladiator OR upon the completion of one mission.

330 Gold

Troll’s Blood Amulet

Saturated with the potent regenerative powers of troll blood, this amulet grants your Gladiator a chance to heal. It lasts for 48 hours, but crumbles to dust if the Gladiator undertakes a mission, training, or enters the Arena. Let it fulfill its magic undisturbed, and your Gladiator will regain 1 HP.

Lasts for 48 hours. If a gladiator with Troll’s Blood equipped goes on a mission, trains or enters the Arena, the amulet will be destroyed prior to healing effect taking place.

Gladiator gain’s 1 HP after 48 hours as long as he does not train, go on a mission or enter the Arena.

250 Gold


The Shrine is where players will be able to curse enemies. By praying at the shrine and giving an offering, players will be able to weaken the gladiators currently in the Arena. (Including Themselves)

  • Each Prayer costs 100 Gold. Prayers have a 70% chance of reducing the BR of the gladiators in the arena by 0.2. A 20% chance of increasing the B.R of the gladiators by 0.2 and a 10% chance of your prayers not being answered and having no effect.

  • Usable only Once a day.

Other Mechanics


The Colosseum will take place in seasons where every season will be a new start. Each season is currently planned for 3 weeks and rewards will be distributed at the end of every season.

Note that season lengths and frequencies are subject to changes.

Battle Mechanics


Wins are counted by the number of Wins your Gladiator has in the Arena. Wins will also determine your position on the season's Leaderboard and therefore the rewards you will receive at the end of each Season.


HP determines whether your Gladiator is alive. A Gladiator that has lost all of its HP will die and not be able to partake in the Colosseum anymore for the Season. Gladiators will lose 1 HP whenever they lose a battle in the Colosseum or when they fail a Quest. The no. of HP a Gladiator has is determined by its class trait as below:

  • Warriors & Mage = 9 HP

  • Sharpshooters & Priest = 10 HP

  • Paladins & Summoners = 11 HP

  • Asura & Slayer = 12 HP

Players can also recover HP by drinking an Elixir.

Battle Rating (BR)

Battle Rating is perhaps the most important stat in the Colosseum and determines the probability of a player winning. Battle Rating can be increased through Training or Questing so as to give you an edge over competitors in the Colosseum. Season 4 has an updated battle formula. Refer below for the formula on how wins are calculated in the Colosseum. Battle Formula Example:

  • Gladiator A has a BR of 4.0 and Gladiator B has a BR of 2.5.

Basic Win Percentage:

  • Win % of A = BR of A / (BR of A + BR of B) = 4.0 / (4.0 + 2.5) = 4.0 / 6.5 ≈ 0.6154 or 61.54%

  • Win % of B = BR of B / (BR of A + BR of B) = 2.5 / (4.0 + 2.5) = 2.5 / 6.5 ≈ 0.3846 or 38.46%

Adjustment for Higher BR (A in this case):

  • deltaBR = BR of A - BR of B = 4.0 - 2.5 = 1.5

  • Increase in Win % for A = deltaBR * 0.03 = 1.5 * 0.03 = 0.045 or 4.5%

  • Adjusted Win % of A = 61.54% + 4.5% = 66.04%

Note that all the B.R stats will be reset for every Imbued Soul at the start of a new Season.


Battles consist of a Best of 3 component. The first Gladiator to win 2 rounds will be considered the winner of the Battle. Refer to “Battle Rating (BR)” above on how wins per round are calculated in the Colosseum.

Arena State

Arena will only be open when there are 5% or over, of the season's gladiators inside. When the Arena is:

  • Open- Gladiators will be able to battle against other gladiators in the Arena.

  • Closed- Gladiators can enter the Arena but are unable to battle. While closed, Gladiators in the Arena will receive 0.1 B.R for every consecutive hr spent in the Arena. The B.R will be received when the Arena State returns to open.


Matchmaking in the arena is random, in order to battle, your gladiator will need to be in the Arena. You can not be matched with the same gladiator twice in a row.

Reward Mechanisms

Colosseum Leaderboard & Rewards

The Leaderboard will rank Souls based on their number of Wins. The Top 50% of Gladiators at the end of a Season will be eligible for rewards based on their ranking.

Rewards players will be able to earn from the Colosseum can include $MAGIC, NFTs and WL Spots. A list of Rewards and their distribution method will be made known at the start of every Colosseum season.

Percentile Distribution Model

COP follows a percentile distribution model.

This Prize Pool will be distributed to all Gladiators at the end of the Season. This Prize Pool will be distributed based on the Souls ranking in the Colosseum.


Prize Pool

Top 5%


Next 10%


Next 15 %


Next 20%


E.g. Prize pool is 10K $MAGIC and there are 500 Imbued Souls Gladiators for the Season.

Top 5% / 1 - 25

100 $Magic Ea

Next 10% / 26 - 75

50 $Magic Ea

Next 15% / 76 - 150

33 $Magic Ea

Next 20% / 151 - 250

25 $Magic Ea

If there are gladiators with an equal number of wins, their rankings will be determined by their win-rate and then the amount of remaining HP they have.


There are two types of Traits, Fated Traits and Learned Traits.


Fated Traits introduces a predetermined destiny for each Gladiator. Players will be able to choose a trait for their Gladiator during registration. This Fate will provide specific advantages and disadvantages for them. The various Fated Traits are as follows:





You are a veteran Mercenary with loads of battle experience, however you have suffered your fair share of injuries and have reduced vitality.

Starts with bonus +1 B.R and - 1 Life


You are a Merchant, savvy in the art of trade and commerce. However, you do lack experience in the art of battling.

Starts with +100 Gold and -0.5 B.R


You are the picture of health and vitality. You are however in debt and start with reduced Gold.

Starts with +1 Life and -200 Gold


You are a Slave forced into the arena against your will to pay off your debt. However, your experience on the streets will aid your ability in battle.

Starts with +0.5 B.R and -100 Gold

Terminally Sick

You are Terminally Sick, facing a limited time in this world. Your illness causes you to receive pity from the princess, and she blesses you with some riches to help you live the rest of your life comfortably.

Starts with +200 Gold and -1 Life


You are a Peasant, simple and humble, but with a heart of gold.


Learned Traits

These Traits can be picked up by Gladiators as they progress through their Career upon completion of certain objectives. The various Learned Traits are as follow:




Battle Addict

+2 B.R & +1 HP

Ring Rust

You lost your battle instinct after spending too long outside of the Colosseum. (Gladiators that has not battled for 72 hours will receive this trait)

-2 B.R

Sore Loser

Weapon Master

Path of Survival

Your Gladiator has adopted a survivalist mentality, preferring to take on less risky missions to ensure they live to fight another day. (Attempt Easy Missions 15x)

+ 1 HP

Path of Balance

Path Of Balance: Your Gladiator believes in maintaining a steady progression, carefully balancing the risk and rewards of their missions. (Attempt Medium Missions 10x)

+ 1 HP and + 2 B.R

Path Of Domination

Your Gladiator is unafraid of risks and craves the rewards of high-stakes missions. (Attempt Hard Missions 5x)

+ 8 B.R

My talent is hard work

Your Gladiator's diligent training habits are their key strength. (Trained 10 Days in a row)

Gain an additional 0.1 B.R. from Training

Note that once a Gladiator has a Trait, they won’t be able to remove it for the Season.

Name Your Gladiator

Now, you have the power to give your gladiators a personalized identity that truly represents their fighting spirit. Whether it's a nod to your favorite historical figure or a creative moniker, you're in control of crafting a unique name that will resonate with you every time you step into the arena. Unleash your imagination and get ready to make your mark on the world of gladiatorial combat!

How To Play?


Players will be able to register their Souls and redeem for a corresponding Gladiator during the registration period.

  • Players can register a max of 5 Souls at one time.

  • This process involves linking their discord account with their wallet address as well.


The Lannister's Handbook

Smart contracts/Wallets

SRP wallet: 0x523bde85e02856dd15da700dc49472b076278f52


The Colosseum of Phanes is a game and therefore will be subject to balancing changes to keep the game fun and competitive for all players. All information in this document should be regarded as indicative.

Note that none of the information presented here is financial advice by the LifeVerse Council. Do not make financial decisions based off the information presented in this document.

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