As a community driven project, the community lies at the centre of everything we do. LifeVerse follows a community governance process where members of LifeVerse are able to have a say regarding the direction of LifeVerse through proposals and votes. Aside from governance, the community are also able to play a huge role in the design and development of LifeVerse's games and world.

To participate in LifeVerse's governance, you will need to own an Imbued Soul.

For more information on our governance proposal, do refer to our [LDP-01] LifeDAO Governance Framework here.

Getting Involved

LifeVerse Voting Eligibility

For the purposes of voting eligibility, LifeVerse membership will be determined based on a snapshot of the Arbitrum blockchain at least 12 hours prior to the vote going live on the Snapshot platform. Any wallet holding an Imbued Soul (Evolved Seed Of Life) NFT is eligible to vote, with the exception of NFTs held directly by the LifeVerse Treasury. All Imbued Soul (Evolved Seed Of Life) NFTs have equal voting rights (i.e., 1 NFT = 1 vote), and each wallet can vote up to the number of eligible NFTs held.

We believe this form of voting governance will ensure that the most popular and fleshed out proposals among the community are implemented and mitigates the risk that an activist cohort will be able to act in concert in their own best interests and materially and adversely have an impact on DAO governance matters, to the detriment of the community.

Imbued Souls Trove Link -

Past Proposals

LifeVerse Proposals

[LDP-01] LifeDAO Governance Proposal -

[LDP-02] LifeDAO Treasury Allocation -

[LDP-03] LifeDAO Miscellaneous Expenses Fund - [LDP-04] LifeDAO Acquisition of Web3 RPG Arcane - [LDIP-01] LifeDAO X Knights Of The Ether (KOTE) Partnership Proposal -

Do note that LifeDAO was the previous name of LifeVerse and therefore previous proposals used the name LifeDAO.

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