Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is LifeVerse? LifeVerse is a decentralised community driven gaming studio that utilises both GameFi and DeFi to create sustainable revenue sources that are used to bring utility to unique NFT collections. How do I participate in governance? In order to participate in Governance you will need to own either NFT the Seed of Life or an Imbued Soul. Each NFT represents 1 vote. Where can i purchase an Imbued Soul or Seed of Life? What is a Seed of Life? Seed of Life is an NFT that was given for free to Treasure community members that met certain criteria. Seed of Life are used to evolve into an Imbued Soul at the Tree of Life. You can find the Tree of Life here: What is an Imbued Soul? An Imbued Soul is the result of an evolution process that takes place at the Tree of Life. Your seed will go through an entire life cycle at the tree of life where you will select the birth place of your Lifeform, which will help determine what skills they learn. Then the class of your Lifeform will be revealed in the form of a baby, at that point your Lifeform will begin to age from a child to an adult whilst learning skills along the way and eventually dying and turning into an Imbued Soul that contains all the DNA of your life cycle. How do Imbued Soul holders benefit from Life Defi operations? Through utility driven to the collection via Web3.0 gaming built by LifeVerse Studios and utility in partnering cartridges. Holders will also be able to benefit from other products built by LifeVerse in the future!

Does Rarity/Class for Imbued Souls matter? Rarity/Classes will determine the level of utility an imbued soul has in LifeVerse games, non gaming products and some partnering cartridges. You can find the rarity break down here:

Where can i find the roadmap? You can find the roadmap here:

How can I contribute? LifeVerse promotes community contributions through incentivised events that help shape the future of LifeVerse. You can stay up to date with all events by joining the discord here:

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