Focused on the use of DeFi and GameFi protocols, risk management and diversified investments to grow LifeVerse's treasury and also build sustainable revenue sources. LifeVerse will also aim to create easy access products for community members to participate in and benefit from GameFi/DeFi opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach to the end user.

LifeVerse Treasury Management follows the guidelines in [LDP-02] LifeDAO Treasury Allocation. For more information on LDP-02, refer here.

Current Operations / Protocols

DeFi Protocols


  • GLP on GMX

Treasury Information

LifeDAO's Core Treasury: 0x2A41e719ad1Bb59dc4226c58b09d88a06c61fda0

LifeDAO's Main Harvester Wallet: 0x79C2E00C6dD77F2c298CB90142B2716EA5324392

LifeDAO's Secondary Harvester Wallet: 0xCBe009566FA07e45450Bc069deE5d0C76751676e

LifeDAO's DeFi Wallet: 0x33C43313ce7D4CeDF2Dd24C031d5CF4E47E8B449

LifeDAO's DeFi Wallet (Ethereum):

LifeDAO's Ops Wallet: 0x95A85dA40e38E0ce49eCe682F419bc9C89932fb6

Treasury Tracking: Coming Soon

Miscellaneous Funds Tracking:

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