After Life

As something ended, however, something new began in its place. Death had turned out to be an unexpected blessing, freeing Phane’s citizens from the constraints of a mortal form. Able now to freely traverse the dimensions, the newly re-birthed race of Souls burned with a mission. They would restore their home to its former glory as well as hunt down and destroy the Legions, paying them back for their pain with a surplus.

As the Lifeforms came to grips with their new found ability, they realised that in order to defeat the Legions they would need to master their skills to prepare themselves for the battles that lie ahead. The citizens of Phanes commissioned the erection of an arena in which Souls could master the power that had been unlocked from deep within them, and so out of the ruins and destruction left in the wake of the Legions. The Colosseum of Phanes was born. Battle after battle the citizens of Phanes began to feel hope build within them once more, the strength and might of the Life forms were in full view for all to see. A driven race all working towards the same goal of rebuilding their once thriving civilization. Through these battles an elite group rose to the top, 12 Champions that won the hearts and minds of all of Phanes. These brave Souls shall play a vital role in wars ahead.

$MAGIC was the main ingredient needed restore Phanes to its original state. Chasing its trail through the cracks, Souls made use of their new capabilities and leaped to the other worlds of the Treasure-verse. Their nature changed from world to world. Sometimes they took on physical forms, either joining the natives on grand adventures or battling against them. Other times merely as ethereal spirits, possessing other races, strengthening them and acting through them. The great eternal pilgrims, hopping between kingdoms of strangers.

Being both untethered to the material and long-lived. It was quite easy for Souls to accumulate Wealth. They paid no mind to it for its own sake, but had no qualms in using it as a source of motivation for the other beings they dealt with, many of whom found themselves making Faustian deals, exchanging their bodies for power and wealth. Their reputation for bestowing boons upon those who have served them well had done quite a lot to elevate the Souls’ reputations, taking them from eldritch creatures to business opportunities.

And as for those who fled Phanes with the thought of getting what they were owed in blood, well, they weren’t idle either. They took the fight back to Bridgeworld, starting a conflict that would come to be known across the dimensions as the Harvester Wars. Constantly fueled by fresh waves of resources and able bodies from all over the Treasure-verse, there is no estimating the amounts of blood shed in the fighting. Stranded on different planets and looking up at different stars, all Souls dream the same dream. One of Phanes restored, enough $MAGIC poured in to seal the cracks, pumping the lifeblood back into its veins. Of finally having a home they would be allowed to go back to. Souls were not an aggressive people by nature, even if some seemed to revel in their new state of endless conflict. The vast majority yearned for the wars and the deaths to cease, for them and the entire Treasure-verse to stop bleeding from the wounds caused by Genesis Legions.

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