One of LifeVerse's goals for Imbued Souls is to build them into the base character primitives of the Treasure-verse. This means that Imbued Souls will be able to be used across multiple games as composable playable characters. LifeVerse will therefore selectively partner with third parties to allow for Imbued Souls to be used across different games/projects in the Treasure Ecosystem as either playable characters or items that amplify the abilities of playable characters in partnering cartridges.

As LifeVerse continues to grow, the demand for LifeVerse partnership and the number of partnering cartridges that have successfully integrated Life NFTs will also grow, creating brand recognition and synergy between LifeVerse and its partners. This framework is therefore designed to provide high level guidelines for partnering cartridges that explains why and how they can integrate Life NFTs into their own projects.

Why Build & Grow With Life?

  • Leverage the LifeVerse community and brand to connect with our diverse community of Web 3.0 gaming natives, users, and strong advocates.

  • Depending on the level of LifeVerse integration – access to financial products such as loans, an equity-swap using Life NFTs, or a percentage of $MAGIC emissions to be used as awards for players or to bridge operational expenses.

  • LifeVerse can help to cover some of the costs associated with the integration of Life NFTs into your project.

  • Introductions and access to our network of partnering cartridges connected through the use of Life NFTs as well as our other partners across the Arbitrum and Treasure ecosystem.

  • Borrow from our library of creative assets including high quality artwork, music and much more.

  • Benefit from the other business operations of LifeVerse. E.g. Participation in Harvesters, Potential DeFi solutions, etc.

Partnership & Integration Of Life NFTs

As LifeDAO aims to build out imbued souls as the base character primitives of the Treasure-verse, the Council will selectively seek to form mutually beneficial relationships that will bring value to not just the LifeDAO community but also our partners. A few points of consideration for our partners when it comes to integration are as below:

Level Of Integration

The below levels of integration are just basic guides and every partnership/integration will be approached on a case-by-case basis

  • First Level Of Integration - Life NFTs enable cosmetic upgrades, easter eggs or other non-gameplay improvements in the cartridge. Examples: Life Skins/Cosmetics for their main NFTs, vanity items, Life-branded easter eggs, and more.

  • Second Level Of Integration - Life NFTs play a non-core role in partnering cartridges in terms of utility, gameplay or governance. Examples: Imbued Souls act as an amplifier/booster for their main NFTs, Life Character in the game but with reduced benefits and features available compared to game’s native characters

  • Third Level Of Integration - Life NFTs will play a core role in partnering cartridges in terms of utility, gameplay or governance. Examples: Imbued Souls functions as one of the core characters in the game and have access to all benefits and features available.

Life NFTs Planned For Integration

Which of the following Life NFTs listed below do you plan to integrate into your game? Also, will you give consideration to Imbued Souls traits or will you be generalizing Souls altogether?

  • Imbued Souls Classes & Rarity Primary Skills Secondary Skills

  • Seed Of Life Resources

    • Skill Reset Potion

    • Land Deeds (contained in metadata of applicable imbued souls)

  • Seed Of Life (Being Phased Out)

Value Proposition For LifeVerse Community

What is the value proposition for the LifeVerse Community in this integration? What benefits do holders of Life NFTs get from this integration?

  • Utility/Functional Value - What features of the game would Life NFTs Holders be able to access and how accessible are these features in the context of your native project NFTs? Consider any areas where Life NFTs could be “powered up” to supplement your native NFTs.

  • Financial Value - Will the integration allow for Life NFT holders to start earning rewards on a standalone basis or amplify rewards given by playing the game with the native NFTs?

  • Entertainment - Is the game fun? Is the partner cartridge compatible with the look and feel of Life NFTs? Is the integration something sought after by the community?

  • Social Value - Will the integration unlock desirable social experiences for the LifeDAO community?

Required Support From LifeVerse

Consider the support you require from LifeVerse for the integration to work?

  • Marketing & Outreach to the LifeVerse & Treasure community

  • Integration Planning/Roadmap formation

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Borrow from LifeVerse library of creative assets (Art, Music, Etc)

  • Financing to cover the cost of integration or to use as in-game rewards

  • Life NFTs to use as in-game rewards

  • Other bespoke solutions

Partnership Integration Criteria

In the event where projects require support in the form of financing or Life NFTs, projects will have to meet the Partnership Integration Criteria below:

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