Partnering Games

Partnering games are LifeDAO's partners that have integrated Life assets into their game. For more details on our partnership program, refer to Partnersfor more information.

Refer to below for the list of partners that have currently integrated Life assets into their game:

  • CastleDAO (Live)(Live) - CastleDAO is a project that brings gaming to web3 NFTs. In CastleDAO, players can create decks with combinations of different NFTs and challenge other players. Participating in challenges and the leaderboard allows you to be rewarded with NFTs.

  • Knights Of The Ether (In Development) (In Development) - Knights of the Ether (KOTE) is an innovative blockchain game that spans across two chains and features off-chain gameplay. The KOTE ecosystem consists of two games, a Play2Earn (P2E) staking questing game and also a Deck-Building Roguelike game.

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