CastleDAO (Live)

Project Overview

CastleDAO is a project that brings gaming to web3 NFTs. In CastleDAO, players can create decks with combinations of different NFTs and challenge other players. Participating in challenges and the leaderboard allows you to be rewarded with NFTs.

CastleDAO is actively pursuing partnerships with other NFTs to be used as playable cards. This allows CastleDAO players to access a wider range of cards and gaming experiences.

Integration Of Life NFTs

Imbued Souls are playable as warriors in CastleDAO’s TCG. You can use Imbued Souls to compete against other players to top a leaderboard where you can earn weekly and monthly prizes in the form of tradable NFT’S! Your In-game skills are determined by the class of your imbued Soul!

You can play the game here The game is Live NOW!

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