Knights Of The Ether (In Development)

Project Overview

Knights of the Ether (KOTE) is an innovative blockchain game that spans across two chains and features off-chain gameplay. The KOTE ecosystem consists of two games, a Play2Earn (P2E) staking questing game and also a Deck-Building Roguelike game. The P2E “Stake/Quest” game requires strategy and game theory as you make decisions in an ever-evolving economy. This game will run on the Arbitrum blockchain, an Ethereum Layer 2 which offers users significantly lower fees and faster transactions. On the other hand, the Deck-Building Roguelike game will demand tactical skill from the player to defeat monsters. This is a game that offers both unlimited replayability and meaningful progression for dedicated players. No two playthroughs will be the same and every decision that you make has consequences. While this portion of the game involves NFTs on the Ethereum network, all of the gameplay will take place off-chain; gas fees will be non-existent. Both the Stake/Quest and Deck-Building game are interconnected – to do well in one, you must play the other as well. Master both games and you just might find yourself at the top of the leaderboard where you can earn $magic, NFTs and IRL prizes.

Integration of Life NFTs

P2E Staking Game Integration

  1. Imbued Souls will be able to strengthen Squires for the KOTE P2E staking questing game on Arbitrum. The strengthened squires will have improved abilities in the game such as reduced crafting time, reduced questing time, improved rarity drop rates or even have a set of items exclusive for Imbued Souls.

  2. Skill Reset Potions will also have utility in KOTE P2E staking questing game where it provides a one time boost to Squires or event boosted rewards.

Deck-Building Roguelike Game (Underdark)

  1. Imbued Souls will star as a playable character in the Knights of the Ether F2P Underdark game as a Spirit Knight. Only Imbued Soul holders will have access to this character and they will also be able to earn Life-centric cards that can also be used in the P2E version of the Underdark.

  2. Imbued Souls will act as a boosting/amplification in the main KOTE Underdark game. Knights & Rogues that play the game with an Imbued Souls will also stand a chance to win special Life cards that are tied to a Soul’s class.

  3. LifeDAO X KOTE Sentry Program. Through the sentry program, knights & rogues will be able to take on a more passive approach by lending their characters out to an Imbued Soul holder. Imbued Soul holders on the other hand will be able to play the P2E game without purchasing a Knight or Rogue.

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